Samantha’s Journey, 

CEO of Bellasol Jewelry / 

Samantha Isabel Cosio was born and raised in Cali, She is a Libra, and is 26 years old. She has so much passion, and love for what she does. Her mission is to make everyone feel confident and be able to say that when shopping at Bellasol they feel safe, welcomed, and it’s such an empowering vibe, They feel that they can express themselves within our jewelry pieces, Samantha started her business journey at the age of 20 being a freelance makeup artist. She traveled all over LA to weddings/events, She always had that inspiration to make people feel confident and help seek within their own beauty. That’s where her first brand came to life  “Bellaglamm lashes” in 2019. It was her first opportunity in becoming a business owner, She was so driven to create something of her own and make it come to life. Bellaglamm lashes gave her a taste of what it took to start and build a brand, She always told her self she was never going to give up until she made her dream come to life on becoming a full time business owner. And with redirection, lords guidance, and blessing she took a leap of faith and rebranded into what is now Bellasol Jewelry, A online storefront and showroom located in Downey, CA on December year of 2022 they officially opened doors to their community. 


The quote that she instills in her life is..


“What’s meant for you, will never pass you,” meaning no matter what you go through in life your purpose is yours and nobody can take that away from you because god didn’t give you a dream for no reason, it’s destined for you to create a life out of. 


We love and appreciate you all who took the time to tune into her story. 


Thank you so much to all my supporting Bella’s, I appreciate every single one of you who have been apart of my journey now and before.


With much love, 

Samantha Isabel Cosio